Tale No. 6 – Hibiscus IPA – African beer from Ghana

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100% natural 6% brew crafted Hibiscus IPA, hop-infused combination of bitter and aromatic tones, complemented by a hint of sweetness.

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100% natural brew crafted from local (in Ghana) ingredients and bursting with flavors that captivate beer enthusiasts.

Beer Type: Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 6%

Primary Component: Hibiscus

Taste Profile: A hop-infused combination of bitter and aromatic tones, complemented by a hint of sweetness

Historical context : Two and a half centuries ago, English sailing vessels carried beer during their extensive voyages to India. Recognizing the rapid expiration of regular beers, brewers discovered that elevating alcohol content and incorporating high levels of hops (rich in antioxidants) aided in preserving the beer for longer durations.

Hence, every India Pale Ale boasts a pronounced hoppy and bitter character. Whether it’s Tale 6 or Red Tale, it stands out as a top-fermented, bitter brew with a distinctive red hue, achieved through a blend of malts in the brewing process and infusion with hibiscus. The flavor profile is intensely hoppy, featuring a blend of five distinct hop varieties—bitter hops and three types of aroma hops introduced during boiling, along with dry hopping post-boiling.

The uniquely shaped, amber-colored bottles made from recycled materials offer the best protection from UV rays and can be reused up to 8 times!

Cheers to the Tale No. 6 experience! 🍻


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