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“He who planted a tree before he died did not live in vain.”

African proverb

Since 2021

Since 2021, Kipeps’ mission is to put forward the Afro-Caribbean know-how. Kipeps travels the world to unearth rare pearls produced by professionals of the Afro-Caribbean universe. We select products with unique tastes, often combining different worlds. Our approach is to offer you a subtle mix of flavors to make you travel to the Afro-Caribbean.

The products selected by Kipeps are quality products that have been validated through several steps. We wish that the whole world know the wonders of the Afro-Caribbean world.

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Be the catalyst that drives the visibility of the Afro-Caribbean universe.

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Put forward the Afro-Caribbean know-how and authenticity.

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Be the ambassadors of Afro-Caribbean universe.

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