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  • Black Pepper Flavored Flower of Salt

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  • Coarse Flavored Salt Fish & Shellfish – 500g

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this Gros sel:

    “It’s true that strong spices rarely offer an opening on refreshing notes. But the exception justifies the rules. Coarse Salt for Fish and Shellfish is proof of that. It is a fusion of a dozen spices and aromatic herbs. Cumin, coriander, pink berry, black pepper and mustard are mixed with ginger, bay leaf and rosemary. All in all, a perfect balance of diverse scents and flavors, all in a unique package. The seafood dishes will result in a marvel of all the senses, starting from the mouth and the sense of smell. To savor vegetables, we will opt for “Coarse Salt for Vegetable Preparations”.

    Packaging: Transparent bag

    Ingredients : Coarse salt, mustard, cumin, coriander, turmeric, black pepper, pink berries, laurel, rosemary, ginger.

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Coarse Flavored Salt Pili Pili

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this coarse salt:

    “If coarse salt results from salt flats, chili is simply a plant that has taken root in the fertile lands of Madagascar. When combined, you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with. They will go perfectly with any dish. If you like the Creole recipes of the neighboring islands of the Big Island, it is likely that this condiment will be a must for you. To spice up the taste of certain dishes considered too classic like soup, you now have a two-in-one spice. Your vegetables, your grills and your soups will be sublimated.”

    Ingredients: Coarse salt, Pili pili

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored coarse salt 13 spices – 500g

    What the creator of this Gros sel, Ilanga Nature says about it:

    “Anise, coriander and fleur de sel are among the spices with a slightly sweet background note, rather round in the mouth. However, they also have a slightly acidic side. Turmeric, cumin and fenugreek are for their part strongly woody. As for pili-pili, garlic, clove and mustard, their fame precedes them. These are the hot spices. Imagine that all these wonders are mixed to season your preparations. For this, there is the 13 Spice Flower of Salt. You won’t have to think twice about making your dishes successful. You’ll rise to the challenge with just a few pinches of this magical ingredient, at the end of cooking or before serving.”

    Ingredients: Salt, Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander, Pili pili Anise, Garlic, Clove, Mustard, Fenugreek, Cardamon, Nutmeg

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Coarse Salt Nature

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this coarse salt:

    “Coarse sea salt is considered healthier than common table salt because it contains a greater amount of natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

    This salt will be perfect for your pasta water or to enhance the taste of all your other dishes. Consume in moderation!”

    Ingredients: 100% sea salt.

    Origin: Madagascar

  • Flavored Coarse Salt Red Meats – bag 500g

    Ideal for all red meat dishes.

    Coarse salt collected directly from the Morondava salt mines in Madagascar, an excellent blend of several flavour enhancers, ideal for red meat. With its fruity notes, and its light spicy touch, this condiment will be enough to sublimate your meats.

    Ingredients : Coarse salt, Paprika, Black pepper, Chilli, Onion, Thyme, Laurel.

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Coarse Salt Vegetable Preparations – 500g

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this Big Salt:

    “Vegetables, you either like them or you don’t. However, they are the foods naturally richest in fiber and vitamins. To make the pill pass, season your dishes with Coarse Salt for Vegetable Preparations. Its sweet and salty taste will give consistency and character to your side dishes. This blend will be your secret ingredient to reconcile everyone with vegetables.

    Packaging : Transparent bag

    Ingredients: Coarse salt, Basil, Sugar, Curry (13 spices)

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Coarse Salt White Meats – 500g

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this Big Salt:

    “Not far from Morondava, in the southeast of Madagascar, the great Menabe salt flat. The summer sun covers the marsh. As the water evaporates, it is quickly replaced by crystals of a brilliant white color. It is the big salt so known of the Menabe. Mixed with 9 other spices and ingredients, it is the variety of Coarse Salt for White Meats par excellence.”

    Packaging : Transparent bag

    Ingredients: Coarse salt, ginger, turmeric, garlic, green pepper, cumin, mustard, coriander, thyme, chili pepper.

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored coarse salt with 5 berries

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this big salt:

    “It is thanks to the harvest of Morondava, that the sauniers of Madagascar content you with the ancestral preparations, almost centenary. It is a rare meeting of exotic and fresh spices with other spices of legendary strength. Just like the Big Salt with 5 spices, the Big Salt with 5 berries is simply a magical blend. It incorporates several berries that you already know, but generally very independent, from each other. So find the perfect union of peppers of three colors, black, white and green. To these are added the pink berries and coriander. You will not be able to remain insensitive to their charm. Of course, we advise you to salt your preparations at the last minute. You can even wait to sprinkle your portions until after you have set your plate. Plus, salt after cooking is healthier for the body.”

    Ingredients: Coarse Salt, Black Pepper, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Pink Berries, Coriander

    Origin: Madagascar

  • Flavored coarse salt with 5 spices – 500g

    What its producer, Ilanga says about this salt:

    “The taste of Coarse Salt with 05 Spices is special. The simplest dishes will regain nobility with a pinch of this salt. Its composition invites you to discover and rediscover the dishes of your childhood, under another angle. The secret lies in the spices that are added to the coarse salt. You will feel the power of clove, the sweetness of cinnamon, all mixed with the freshness of coriander. You will also taste a dish impregnated with fennel and black pepper. The whole gives an explosive spicy cocktail that will delight everyone.”

    Packaging : Transparent bag

    Ingredients: Salt, Anise, Coriander, Clove, Cinnamon, Fennel, Black pepper

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Flower of salt 13 spices

    Shelf life (months): 24M

  • Flavored Flower of Salt Pink Berries & Voatsîperifery

    What its producer, Ilanga Nature says about this fleur de sel:

    “If you were once used to juggling spices without knowing exactly what your recipe will turn out like, with this combination, rest assured. Your preparation will surprise everyone. Fleur de Sel aux Baies Roses et Poivre Noir Sauvage Voatsiperifery is indeed an exceptional condiment. There is no doubt. Each one will find its account there. The palates avid for sweetness at the last minute will discover the delicacy of the flower of salt. Lovers of spiciness will feel the strength of black pepper in the background. Those who like a touch of sweetness will be pleasantly surprised by the pink berries, round in the mouth. All in all, this condiment will have something to please everyone.”

    Ingredients: Salt, Pink berries, Wild peppers

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Flower of salt Vanilla – 500g

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this Fleur de sel:

    “Vanilla is and will be the black gold among all spices listed to date. If you are used to incorporating it in rather sweet recipes, know that now you can use it in a different way. To make it easier for you, it has been combined with fleur de sel. It is collected at the edges of the salt marshes of the Menabe, in summer, when the wind and the sun have evaporated the sea water. The crystals of flower of salt remain then on the surface and let themselves be harvested willingly. Then, it is flavored with vanilla.

    Packaging : Transparent bag

    Ingredients: Flower of salt, vanilla powder

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Flower of salt with 5 spices

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this flower of salt:

    “The Menabe is a place located in Madagascar, in the middle east. Nature gave him gift of salt marshes of an exceptional wealth. The villagers who live there know the ritual by heart, which is passed on from generation to generation. You too have recipes that you would like your children to reproduce. To give them the best, don’t forget to tell them the secret of your preparations which is the Fleur de Sel aux 5 Épices. First of all, add your condiment only at the end of the cooking process. For your preparations composed of white meats, your delicatessen, your seafood dishes, your foie gras or your vegetables, this spice will be sufficient on its own.”

    Ingredients: Salt, Anise, Coriander, Clove, Cinnamon

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Flower of salt with Pili Pili


    hat its creator, Ilanga Nature, says about this fleur de sel:

    “How can you stay unmoved when two of the world’s most beloved condiments come together as one. The fleur de sel represents those crystals that the sea water leaves behind after a passage of the wind, on summer afternoons. The pili-pili is a small chili pepper in claw, extremely strong and whose perfume never leaves indifferent. Cultivated in the south-east of Madagascar, the pili-pili looks tiny, but in the mouth, it is another story. Combining them in a single package gives your dishes another dimension. Incorporate Fleur de Sel au Pili Pili into your dishes and you’ll notice the difference.”

    Ingredients: Salt, pili powder

    Origin: Madagascar

  • Natural Flavored Flower of Salt

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this fleur de sel:

    “Fleur de Sel Nature forms naturally, on the surface of the salt marshes, as soon as the wind has finished blowing away the sea water that has shipped the crystals to the edges. Every afternoon, during the summer season, the villagers respect the same ritual: the harvesting of the fleur de sel crystals. Recognizable by its fineness, this particular salt is smaller than the Gros Sel. Its immaculate white color distinguishes it from cooking salt, which tends subtly towards gray. Once collected by hand, the crystals are drained before being dried in the sun.”

    Ingredients: 100% flower of salt

    Origin : Madagascar