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  • Chai ya Oolong-Oolong tea

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  • Organic Kenyan Black Tea (Chai ya Nyeusi) – 100g

    The nugget of the Horn of Africa!

    This tea is the result of a mixture combining passion and exceptional soil. This marriage gives this tea all its intensity. From the first minutes of the infusion, you will be able to admire this brown color, characteristic of great dark teas.

    Tasting tips

    Once in the mouth, this light tea with round and honeyed notes will reserve you a gustatory fireworks. Not very bitter, this black tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Ideal for an iced tea this summer!

    Infusion time: 5 minutes

    Brewing temperature: 85°C

    Packaging : Box of 100g

  • Organic Kenyan Hibiscus Infusion (Infusion ya Hibiscus) – 100g

    Our cocktail of flavors and happiness!

    The Kasimba Collection Hibiscus ™ is harvested from the calyxes of the Guinea Sorrel. Once immersed in hot water, the dried calyx flowers will reveal their color and flavor.

    Tasting tips

    This infusion with a fruity and tangy taste can be drunk hot or cold all year round. If you find the tangy taste of the Hibiscus pronounced, we advise you to taste it at snack time with a strong chocolate pie.

    Infusion time: 8 minutes to bring out the tangy notes of the hibiscus

    Temperature: 100°C

    Packaging : Box of 100g

  • Organic Kenyan Purple tea (Chai ya Zambarau) – 100g

    The Kenyan tea by excellence!

    It was designed there and has been grown there since 2011. To make this tea, our producers have picked the purple leaves of the Camellia sinensis tea plant. When infused, they produce a pale purple color, due to their anthocyanin content.

    Tasting tips

    This light tea with vegetal and slightly iodized notes is ideal to start the day.

    Infusion : 5 minutes

    Infusion temperature: 95°C

    Packaging : Box of 100g

  • Organic Kenyan Yellow tea (Chai ya Manjano) – 100g

    A Moussagic tea!

    Our Kasimba Yellow Tea™ is distinguished by its rarity and high standards. Its manufacture requires know-how and patience. If its manufacture is similar to that of green tea, we decided to select this yellow tea for its golden hue and its gustatory qualities.

    Tasting tips

    This tea of a great sweetness will conquer your palate. Slightly sweetened, it is easily eaten at breakfast or after lunch. In addition, its thirst-quenching effect will help you feel better during hot weather.

    Infusion : 5 minutes

    Temperature: 85°C

    Packaging : Box of 100g