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  • Flavored coarse salt with 5 berries

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  • Flavored coarse salt with 5 spices – 500g

    What its producer, Ilanga says about this salt:

    “The taste of Coarse Salt with 05 Spices is special. The simplest dishes will regain nobility with a pinch of this salt. Its composition invites you to discover and rediscover the dishes of your childhood, under another angle. The secret lies in the spices that are added to the coarse salt. You will feel the power of clove, the sweetness of cinnamon, all mixed with the freshness of coriander. You will also taste a dish impregnated with fennel and black pepper. The whole gives an explosive spicy cocktail that will delight everyone.”

    Packaging : Transparent bag

    Ingredients: Salt, Anise, Coriander, Clove, Cinnamon, Fennel, Black pepper

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Flower of salt 13 spices

    Shelf life (months): 24M

  • Flavored Flower of Salt Pink Berries & Voatsîperifery

    What its producer, Ilanga Nature says about this fleur de sel:

    “If you were once used to juggling spices without knowing exactly what your recipe will turn out like, with this combination, rest assured. Your preparation will surprise everyone. Fleur de Sel aux Baies Roses et Poivre Noir Sauvage Voatsiperifery is indeed an exceptional condiment. There is no doubt. Each one will find its account there. The palates avid for sweetness at the last minute will discover the delicacy of the flower of salt. Lovers of spiciness will feel the strength of black pepper in the background. Those who like a touch of sweetness will be pleasantly surprised by the pink berries, round in the mouth. All in all, this condiment will have something to please everyone.”

    Ingredients: Salt, Pink berries, Wild peppers

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Flower of salt Vanilla – 500g

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this Fleur de sel:

    “Vanilla is and will be the black gold among all spices listed to date. If you are used to incorporating it in rather sweet recipes, know that now you can use it in a different way. To make it easier for you, it has been combined with fleur de sel. It is collected at the edges of the salt marshes of the Menabe, in summer, when the wind and the sun have evaporated the sea water. The crystals of flower of salt remain then on the surface and let themselves be harvested willingly. Then, it is flavored with vanilla.

    Packaging : Transparent bag

    Ingredients: Flower of salt, vanilla powder

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Flower of salt with 5 spices

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this flower of salt:

    “The Menabe is a place located in Madagascar, in the middle east. Nature gave him gift of salt marshes of an exceptional wealth. The villagers who live there know the ritual by heart, which is passed on from generation to generation. You too have recipes that you would like your children to reproduce. To give them the best, don’t forget to tell them the secret of your preparations which is the Fleur de Sel aux 5 Épices. First of all, add your condiment only at the end of the cooking process. For your preparations composed of white meats, your delicatessen, your seafood dishes, your foie gras or your vegetables, this spice will be sufficient on its own.”

    Ingredients: Salt, Anise, Coriander, Clove, Cinnamon

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Flavored Flower of salt with Pili Pili


    hat its creator, Ilanga Nature, says about this fleur de sel:

    “How can you stay unmoved when two of the world’s most beloved condiments come together as one. The fleur de sel represents those crystals that the sea water leaves behind after a passage of the wind, on summer afternoons. The pili-pili is a small chili pepper in claw, extremely strong and whose perfume never leaves indifferent. Cultivated in the south-east of Madagascar, the pili-pili looks tiny, but in the mouth, it is another story. Combining them in a single package gives your dishes another dimension. Incorporate Fleur de Sel au Pili Pili into your dishes and you’ll notice the difference.”

    Ingredients: Salt, pili powder

    Origin: Madagascar

  • Fonio

    Fonio – 500g

    Fonio is an ancient cereal in West (North) Africa.

    Rich in fiber, minerals, protein and essential amino acids, not found in corn, rice, wheat and other cereals, fonio is increasingly popular in Europe. In addition, this cereal does not contain gluten.

    Fonio is easy to grow and sustainably. In fact, it requires little water to grow and can even be used to fight against desertification.

    With its light nutty flavor, fonio is a great alternative to rice and couscous. Cold in a tabbouleh or salad or hot with vegetables or meat, this tasty cereal will delight your taste buds.

  • Gourmet Box

    Box composed of 4 gourmet products you will travel through the flavors with each use on your favorite recipes

  • Sale!

    Gourmet Mix 2 Peper PGI 50g

    The white pepper of Penja is soft, pungent not aggressive, a subtle aroma mixture of camphor, mint with herbaceous notes matched with a great flavor in mouth to sprinkle on all your dishes for a daily refinement. It enhances both sweet and savory preparations. No need to put a millet and a spice to give taste to your preparations, it will facilitate the seasonings and the life, while making you benefit from its benefits for health.
    You will finally remember the taste of pepper!
    The Penja pepper of Terre et saveurs comes from family farms that have existed for several decades. It is produced in a traditional way and is entirely processed by hand from the nursery to the packaging. Once in Brussels, it is packaged in a sheltered workshop employing disabled people.
    Terre et Saveurs also supports an orphanage in Cameroon.
    For more recipes see the blog on

  • Green Chili (sweet) – 180g

    Green pepper (sweet) – Yaka

  • Guava Jam – 250g

    Guava jam or “plum of the sands” as the Aztecs used to say

  • Healthy Spreading paste

    Healthy Spreading paste – 200g

    Amazing spread, made up mainly of roasted almonds, figs and sultanas, carefully ground to obtain an optimal flavor and texture. These ingredients combined with spirulina and chia seeds are a real energy concentrate. They are packed with fibre, protein, omega-3 acids and various micronutrients that contribute to digestive and intestinal health and help strengthen the immune system.

  • Intense Dark Chocolate Bar 80% – 80g

    Dark chocolate bar Intense 80% – Sigoji

  • Jujube Honey 140g

    Jujube Honey 140g

    Jujube honey is an exceptional honey, rare and coveted in the world.
    This delicious honey is the perfect accompaniment to a cheese platter, a fresh baguette or a simple glass of warm lemon water.


  • Lychee Honey 140g

    Lychee Honey 140g

    Discover this Lychee honey from Madagascar, a unique blend of sweet and exotic flavors. Soft, grainy and slightly acidic, it seems to be very popular with the ladies.

    100% natural, no artificial additives and rich in nutrients: Madagascar lychee honey is rich in minerals and vitamins and is ideal for people who are careful about their nutrient intake.

  • Madagascar Vanilla Caramel Dark Chocolate Pralines – 100g

    Caramel Praline Madagascar Vanilla Dark Chocolate – Sigoji

  • Maffé

    Maffé sauce

    Mafé (or Tiga Dégué) is one of the best-known traditional dishes on the African continent, and is eaten throughout sub-Saharan Africa: Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Benin, Congo, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. Originally from Mali (the first consumers were the Mandingo and Bambara peoples).

    It is a peanut paste-based sauce simmered for a long time, sometimes with a few vegetables. Thanks to this ready-to-use packaging, West Africa is just a spoonful away.

    Recommendation: brown pieces of meat, chicken or fish in a pan, then pour over the sauce and heat for a few minutes.
    Enjoy this delicious sauce with rice, fonio, couscous or attieke.

  • Maheshe – coffee beans 1kg Organic

    Maheshe – Coffee beans 1kg Organic – Virunga coffee

  • Mango Bergamot Jam – 250g

    Delicious meeting between Mango and Bergamot – Fines Saveurs des Iles

  • Mango Orange Baobab Spread- 230g

    Mango Orange Baobab Jam – Yaka

  • Mango Passion Baobab Jam

    Mango Passion Baobab Jam – Yaka

  • Milk Chocolate Almond Crisp Praline – 100g

    Milk Chocolate Almond Crunch Praline – Sigoji

  • Milk Chocolate Bar 40% – 80g

    Milk Chocolate Bar 40% – Sigoji

  • Milk Chocolate Peanut Crunch Praline – 100g

    Milk Chocolate Peanut Crunch Praline – Sigoji

  • Milk Chocolate Spread – Peanut 250g

    Milk Chocolate Spread – Peanut 250g – Sigôji

  • Milk chocolate spread – Peanut 450g

    Milk Chocolate Spread – Peanut 450g – Sigoji

  • Natural Flavored Flower of Salt

    What its creator, Ilanga Nature says about this fleur de sel:

    “Fleur de Sel Nature forms naturally, on the surface of the salt marshes, as soon as the wind has finished blowing away the sea water that has shipped the crystals to the edges. Every afternoon, during the summer season, the villagers respect the same ritual: the harvesting of the fleur de sel crystals. Recognizable by its fineness, this particular salt is smaller than the Gros Sel. Its immaculate white color distinguishes it from cooking salt, which tends subtly towards gray. Once collected by hand, the crystals are drained before being dried in the sun.”

    Ingredients: 100% flower of salt

    Origin : Madagascar

  • Orange Cinnamon Jam – 250g

    Taste this subtle balance between the acidity, the bitterness of the oranges and the delicate perfume of the cinnamon of Ceylon.

    Jam produced in France.

  • Organic Baobab powder – 180g

    Use: is used as an ingredient in various preparations for its binding, thickening and acidifying properties. It is also used as a food supplement, to coagulate milk, for the manufacture of smoothies, juices, cereal bars, vitamin supplements.

  • Organic Bourbon Vanilla (pods)

    What its producer, Ilanga Nature, says about this vanilla:

    “Vanilla 100g, from the rich soil of Madagascar.

    Its color goes from dark brown to black. Its pods are fleshy and flexible. Vanilla 100g has a very powerful smell. Unique in the world, it develops aromas of prune and cocoa that will delight your taste buds. The humidity in the region of Sambava, at the mouth of 5 rivers, is very appreciated by the plant and comes to exhale all its suave perfume. Highly sought after for its fruity aromas, the 100g Vanilla from Madagascar is of exceptional quality. 3 vanilla beans will be enough to perfume your sugar jar for several weeks.

    As good for your taste buds as for your health

    Available in a powdered version, La Vanille 100g will bring a touch of exoticism to all your dishes. This island spice will bring freshness and sweetness to your breakfast. Its exotic fragrance will bring back the good mood at the table. It is also known as a natural antiseptic. But beyond all that, vanilla is a natural antidepressant. It stimulates the nervous system, it is good for digestion and it is a slimming ally to adopt. The spice of Madagascar with the sumptuous taste would be also a natural aphrodisiac. Vanilla 100g, a spice with various possible uses Vanilla 100g comes to diffuse its delicate perfume and its slightly sweetened savour in all the preparations without imposing itself. It can be used in desserts, sweet and savory dishes. Vanilla can even be used to make wonderfully tasty vanilla rum.

    Madagascar bourbon vanilla is known to have a sweet and delicate flavor, with notes of chocolate and ripe fruit. It is also characterized by an aromatic smell and a soft, shiny texture. Madagascar bourbon vanilla is considered to be one of the best grades of vanilla in the world due to its complex aromas and high quality.”

    Ingredients: 100% bourbon vanilla

    Length: 12 to 22 cm

    Origin: Madagascar

  • Organic bulk coffee beans – Rutsiro – 4kg

    Rutsiro – Organic bulk coffee beans – Virunga Coffee