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  • Fonio

    Fonio – 500g

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  • Organic Cassava Flour – 400g

    Organic fair trade cassava flour, naturally gluten free, is a healthy and clever alternative to wheat flour. It has the advantage of remaining supple when baked, which makes this flour an excellent ally in the making of gluten-free breads to which it adds softness.

  • Organic Millet Flour - 400g


    Millet is a cereal also called the Gold of the Sahel. This is to say how rich this cereal is! Millet cultivation is in line with environmental issues as it requires very little water.
    This millet flour is a naturally gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. Millet flour is found in the culinary culture of sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Senegal.

  • Organic Plantain Flour – 250g

    Discover the Matahi range of organic flours which offer an alternative to wheat flour. As well as being delicious, our flours are naturally gluten-free and a source of fibre and nutrients. Matahi flours offer a creative and healthy twist to your sweet or savoury preparations.

  • Photo farine de Patata Douce

    Organic Sweet Potato Flour – 400g

    The sweet potato flour from Benin is a novelty among gluten-free flours. Its richness and fibres and its low glycemic index has seduced the sportsmen who do not want to make the choice between healthy and greedy cooking.

    Matahi of organic flours offer an alternative to wheat flour.